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  • Identify the specific, underlying reasons why you overeat and binge. 
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You know you overeat, but do you every wonder WHY?  

I remember I used to think I was just broken. Why did I KNOW what to do but just WASN’T DOING IT???  

Sometimes I could be “good” with food for a whole day and then completely blow it at night.  

Sometimes I’d spend an entire weekend eating nothing but junk food.  

I didn’t understand why I felt so out of control.  

Did I just love junk food too much to stop?  

Was I just born without willpower?  

Was I a legit food addict? (Yep, I even joined one of those “Hi I’m Breanne” groups.)  

But nothing worked.  

Until finally, I realized my issues with food we NOT about the food. They were about something so much deeper.  

Once I figured out the ROOT cause of my “food addiction”, I was free.  

Free from feeling like an alien took over my body and make me eat all the cookies.  

Free from hiding in the pantry and eating entire bags of potato chips.  

Free from sneaking through the drive-through for my full-meal “appetizer” before dinner.  

All it took was understanding the root cause.  

In my coaching practice, everyone falls into one of FOUR types of eaters.  

Once you know your type, it’s SO CLEAR how to finally feel freedom from food jail.  

Because, instead of trying to build more willpower, wouldn’t it be great if you just *DIDN’T WANT* to overeat and emotionally eat???  

Sounds weird and impossible but also a little bit spot on, right? Yeah, I know.  

If you feel out of control around food, you REALLY need to take this quiz.  

Find out your specific eater type, and WHY you can’t get the food stuff under control.  

Based on your type, I’ll teach you…  

  •  WHY you overeat
  •  WHY it’s not your fault and
  •  HOW to fix it  

The first step is to spend 90 seconds taking this super simple quiz! 

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Breanne Hull | Copyright 2019